Joining forces with heroic founders

We are a devoted team of investors, founders, and operators dedicated to supporting the global ambitions of trailblazing innovators.

We invest primarily at the seed stage, enabling pioneering and mission-driven innovators to solve critical problems at the intersection of enterprise and national security. We bring a wealth of expertise in navigating these venture capital markets and opportunities.

Securing tomorrow

Areas of Focus

Salus is looking for meaningful partnerships with innovators who are redefining our technological capabilities in critical areas. We have unique experience in identifying commercial technologies with high potential application, or 'dual-use', within large but difficult-to-access government markets.

Aerospace and Autonomy

New capabilities to access and thrive in the skies, on land, at sea, and in space.

AI, Machine Learning and Data Intelligence

Cutting-edge technologies helping to unlock the potential of our digital age.

Automation and Advanced Manufacturing

Technological innovations to improve our production capabilities for entirely new products and enhance the way we make existing products.

Cybersecurity and Enterprise Software

New technologies to build a more robust digital infrastructure and mitigate against the growing threats in the cyber landscape.

Defence and National Security

Nurturing disruptive technologies across critical areas that will evolve our strategic autonomy capabilities.

Supply Chain and Public Wellness

Novel technologies building vital capabilities onshore, reducing our dependencies and improving sustainability.

What we bring

  • Guidance

    Support and mentoring across areas of operational excellence, governance, lifecycle strategy and experience with understanding the journey.

  • Community

    We have an extensive network of local and global leadership, talent, customers, investors and government to build around our portfolio companies.

  • Capital

    In addition to our strong relationships with global venture funds, we have an experienced community of Salus investors handpicked to provide support beyond pure financial capital.

  • Insight

    Our experience with dual-use technology provides unique access and understanding to unlock both industry and government engagement.

From the early days, Mike has been a champion of our vision. His deep understanding of the dual-use tech landscape has unlocked government and commercial customers for us. I'm glad to have an investor who's also become a trusted friend.

Michael Biercuk
Founder & CEO, Q-CTRL

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We provide early capital for the future

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