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Dan Bennett


dan bennett

“My passion is cultivating human curiosity and backing innovators who push us beyond the reasonable. Sometimes, in order to be a realist, we must believe in miracles. ”

Marten Peck


“I have a strong passion for connecting those at the leading-edge of innovation with the right network and resources. Supporting visionary entrepreneurs and their start-ups, as they create new technologies that will shape our collective future, is truly exhilarating.”

Mike Ferrari

Managing Director

mike ferrari

“When you think about the outsized impact startups can have on our national security and prosperity by developing cutting-edge technologies that can enable positive outcomes, not only is that a super exciting thing to be a part of, it’s a critical mission and one I've been involved in first-hand for most of my career.”

Stephane Janson

Investment Team

“There are few things as exciting as sitting alongside a founder, and feeling myself being drawn into their vision, slowly falling in love with their ambition, and mapping out why they will achieve it. I want to back and support innovative founders, disrupting old and inefficient industries, with fresh and daring ideas.”

Nina Hooper

Investment Team

“I love helping highly technical founders identify, translate and articulate the specific critical value they add to customers. I believe that the only way to bring an ambitious vision into reality is a go-to-market strategy that is grounded in a deep understanding of the specific industry’s motivations and challenges.”

Mike had the foresight to convince me to raise when I had no plan to, which turned out to be huge for our growth. He made it a seamless process and allowed me to stay focused on the business. His perspective is unique, and he's a great human.

Siobhan Savage
Co-Founder & CEO, Reejig

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